Our Services

Below are our day-to-day services that we offer at our rehabilitation centre.

Morning meeting

We start our day learning to manage ourselves with a daily programme

Serenity prayer

We relearn to make a better connection to our higher power daily

Just for today

We read our daily meditation day by day to become more focused

Emotional Sharing

We engage in the process of rediscovering how to openly express both our negative and positive daily emotions


We learn to care for others by discussing what’s right and helpful


We learn how to make amends when we make mistakes


We learn how to acknowledge and appreciate when someone does something positive


We study various cooking techniques day by day to improve our skills and focus


We learn the meaning of togetherness by having breakfast as a family

Education Session

We learn together how to manage our emotions


We learn the meaning of togetherness by having lunch as a family

Group session

We have daily topics (depending on what we need to discuss daily) to discuss as a group.


We learn the meaning of togetherness by having dinner as a family


Individual counselling, one-on-one, Sharing the thoughts and feelings, negative and positive, freely.

Wrap up

We learn how to review what we do or do, both negative and positive.

Weekend wrap up

We learn to review the positive and negative things that we have for the whole week.

Group Activity

Saturday Night Activity: Barbeque, going out together as a family

Graduation certificate

It’s an encouragement to all the clients that have been through the programme in the centre