Case Studies

Don’t just listen to us. Here are some personal stories of our clients

Case Study 1


I want to share my story with you. I started using drugs, specifically marijuana, when I was just fifteen years old. Unfortunately, my addiction only worsened over time as I started drinking alcohol and using crystal meth (shabu). I was caught by the police when I was twenty-three years old, but even after my father bailed me out, I couldn’t stop using. I didn’t even fully understand what my main problems were at the time.

Seven months after my father bailed me out the first time, I was caught by the police again. This time, I knew I needed help and asked my father to put me in a rehabilitation centre called YKKB. Initially, I felt like I didn’t belong there because there were too many rules I had to follow, but I soon realised that those rules were helping me change my behaviour and treat myself better.

During my two months at the rehabilitation centre, I learned a lot of valuable lessons. I learned how to share my thoughts and feelings, accept who I am, communicate better with my loved ones, manage my emotions, time, and thoughts, and gain new perspectives on how to live my life. My relationships with myself and my loved ones improved, and for the first time in my life, I realised that using drugs was not the solution to my problems.

Even though I still have challenges to face, I am confident that I can overcome them without resorting to drugs. The rehabilitation centre helped me build a strong foundation for my recovery and taught me the skills I need to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Case Study 2


I want to share my personal story with you. I am a college student in Bali, and I used to love using marijuana because it gave me a sense of serenity and a peaceful state of mind. I started using marijuana in my first month of college because I felt so much pressure, and it made me feel more relaxed at the time. I started going to clubs and hanging out with friends who also used drugs, but one day, I got caught.

My parents came to Bali to take me to the rehabilitation centre, YKKB. At first, I didn’t like being there, but I realised it was the best choice of the worst options I had at the time. I spent three months in the centre, and it was my first time being in rehab. Before coming here, I lived my life without any goals. I just took it day by day as long as I could get my marijuana fix.

However, in this place, I learned about my purpose and my goals. I discovered that I could enjoy my life without using drugs, and my relationship with my mom and dad improved.

The most important thing I learned in rehab was how to become responsible for myself. I am now more aware of my actions, and I am determined to stay on the right track. Even though it was a difficult journey, I am grateful for the experience because it taught me how to be a better person.

Case Study 3


I want to share my personal story with you. I am a 27-year-old student at one of the universities in Turkey, and I never aspired to be a drug addict. One of the reasons I started using drugs was because of social pressure and environmental influences. To be honest, if given a choice, I would prefer to live my life without using drugs. However, I fell into the trap of drugs and found myself struggling to stop using them. The thought of living without drugs was terrifying because I was afraid of the withdrawal symptoms and the torture that came with using drugs.

One day, I received information from a friend and counsellor about a drug rehabilitation centre in Bali, Indonesia. I was hesitant at first, but the doctor suggested that I continue therapy with anti-depressants, including the use of marijuana, which I believed would help me heal. Finally, I made the decision to enter a drug rehabilitation foundation called YKKB.

During my time in the rehabilitation programme, I received various treatments, such as assessments, counselling, education, NLP, and mental strengthening. These programmes helped me to be more open-minded, honest, disciplined, and accept myself better. These changes have made me a better human being, and I hope to continue to be a better person for my family and social environment in Turkey.

Now that I am free from drugs, I am grateful for the opportunity to live a healthy life without them. Let us all fight against drugs and strive to live a better life.